1 thought on “How Arsenal’s return to white sleeves inadvertently led to the creation of an FA Cup kit

  1. The yellow and blue change colour scheme for Arsenal is almost as synonymous as their famous white sleeved shirts, but it is mad to think that this only came about due to the Football League bigwigs’ hard-nosed stance that officials HAD to always wear black and thus banned navy jerseys from being used. Of course the clinching of the double in the 1971 cup final sealed the yellow away kit’s place in history.

    However, I do think Arsenal were beaten to the “cup kit” idea by none other than Liverpool, two years previously. The switch to red shorts against Anderlecht is well-documented (the full all-red look was actually only in the 2nd leg!), but the all-red was used from the FA Cup 4th round replay onwards. However, in the league, they had to wear red-white-white until the end of the 64/65 season as that was the kit registered with the League.

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