4 thoughts on “Premier League Classics – Middlesbrough, 2000-01

  1. Arsenal had them in 1996-97 in a Nike font, for some reason I associated the change to the common font with the widespread introduction of shorts numbers.

  2. Chelsea started the whole thing off in 64-65, and they became a bit of a trademark, then dropped them in 77-78 for 25,000 yards of umbro diamond tape. I was glad to see them reintroduced, though sadly along with every other team and their dog.

  3. Replace the purple with black and black trim with red and it would’ve been perfect re-creation for Dale Earnhardt Sr’s Goodwrench era racing suit. Sadly Dale passed away during that season at Daytona 🙁 Plus it would’ve matched the colours of home kit as well. Man Utd 1997-99 away kit was very similar to Dale’s racing overalls, not seen enough pictures but hope it was used 98-99 season with home shorts.

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