Fantasy Kit Friday – Real Madrid in adidas Equipment, early 90s

While they are now almost inextricably linked with adidas and were also partners with the German firm in the 1980s, Real Madrid also had link-ups with Hummel and Kelme before realigning with the three stripes in 1998.

That meant that they missed out on the brashness of the ‘Equipment’ era and Jack Henderson wondered how things might have gone for them. Obviously, these kits have an extra layer to deal with in that the avoidance of replicating Anderlecht’s real-life strips was necessary.

You could take these kits as a logical continuation of this FKF from 2017. For the first set, there was only really one option:

Then, in the second tranche of Equipment styling, adidas did have a couple of extra designs. Anderlecht had this style but with purple sleeves, though we do wonder if the power-brokers at the Bernabéu would have allowed their kits to be overpowered by such naked branding.


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