Fantasy Kit Friday – Newcastle United Kappa 1992

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know that we’re big fans of Newcastle United’s 1993-94 Asics kits.

Still, there’s no harm in experimenting with how they might have looked in alternative manufacturers and Barcelona’s 1992-95 style is worth using as the base, given that it was seemingly unique to the Catalans.

One slight change is that both of Barca’s sleeves were blue but having two white sleeves would have left this looking too unbalanced.


The Barça away also lends itself to recolouring, with Newcastle’s version reminiscent of the strip worn by Athletic Bilbao as they eliminated the Magpies from the 1994-95 Uefa Cup.


After the initial posting today, Simon Shakeshaft had a suggestion on Facebook:


We were happy to oblige – this 1970s Bukta Toon away is the source material (literally) rather than there being any Norwich influences.


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