Fantasy Kit Friday – 1986 FA Cup final swap

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Originally, the intention was to do a few Liverpool-Everton 1980s reversals ahead of next weekend’s Merseyside Derby, but due to a change in plan we’ve had to bring it forward a week and so we’ll stick to the 1986 FA Cup final. The others will be done later in the season.

We chose 1986 as both Alec Proffitt and Lee Hermitage had requested it.

Obviously, the sore-thumb aspect is the massive white panel on the Liverpool shirt – we’ll say it’s a tribute to the 1900-06 away kit. It’s also worth noting how the real-life Everton 1985-86 shorts were a forerunner of adidas’s 2000 style.

For the Toffees, Rupert’s Tower is a perfect replacement for the Liverbird in the fabric and the decision to go with a white neck and blue cuffs is inspired by their late 1960s kit.

Not everybody will like these, but that’s the nature of it. Views are welcome, as always, @museumofjerseys.

1 comment on “Fantasy Kit Friday – 1986 FA Cup final swap

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