Premier League kit-tracker catch-up

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Apologies for the overload, but we let a backlog build up and then when nobody complained, we feared that the tracker wasn’t missed.

Thankfully, there were some who asked after it, inspiring us to get back on track ahead of the run-in.

So, it’s back to the end of January, with comments on choices only when notable.

With their signing Emiliano Sala missing an presumed dead after the plane he was on disappeared from radar, Cardiff wore daffodils on their shirts against Bournemouth.

Having previously worn red home sock at Burnley, Liverpool had a bespoke dark grey set against West Ham.

One game which fell outside the usual pattern was Everton’s meeting with Manchester City, brought forward due to City’s other commitments.

With Fulham having changed to white shorts away to teams in blue shorts earlier in the campaign, we we optimistic of navy-white-white – what would have been a tenth combination of the season – at Southampton, but they let us down.

The next team to visit St Mary’s, Tottenham Hotspur, had no option but to change socks. They had a bespoke grey set rather than using the home pairs.

Everton used their blue change socks at Newcastle United.

While the default socks for Chelsea’s yellow kit are blue, they went all-yellow at Everton.

An even more questionable choice for Chelsea at Cardiff, as they used their third kit.

The midweek games just gone were from various fixture schedules, so they weren’t part of a ‘proper’ gameweek.

Cardiff used their away socks with their third shirts and shorts at Manchester City, while Brighton seem to now favour green socks rather than black with their away strip, having used them in a few games without a clash.

7 comments on “Premier League kit-tracker catch-up

  1. Tony Hartley

    Please don’t stop until you get to the end of the season .then could you start a MLS kit tracker.

  2. denishurley Post author

    It will be finished, Tony, don’t worry. I’ll be adding an update today or tomorrow. No time for an MLS tracker, I’m afraid.

      1. denishurley Post author

        You’re an eager beaver, Tony! It’ll be brought up to date this week.

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