The ‘problems’ with Manchester City’s 125th-anniversary kit

On Tuesday, Manchester City announced that they would be wearing a special one-off shirt for Sunday’s Community Shield against Liverpool at Wembley, marking the club’s 125th anniversary.

We have put the word ‘problems’ in the heading in inverted commas because this is a wonderful shirt.

With the club’s supporters having input into the placement of the crest and other inclusions, it is simplistically beautiful and harks back to the classic 1970s style. It is also unsponsored in a way that isn’t tied to a bookmaking firm’s guerrilla marketing.

However, one of the problems is that it is far superior than the actual home shirt for the coming campaign – as it is the anniversary season, why not use the commemorative shirt for the whole campaign?

In addition, we’ve said it’s a wonderful shirt rather than a wonderful kit – while we can get over the inclusion of Puma logos on the shorts and socks in exchange for them being limited – tonally – to the sleeves on the shirts, the choice of white socks is strange, to our minds.

While the club did have white socks with the classic crew neck, it was only from 1960-62 and we feel that sky-blue socks with maroon tops and two white stripes would have been the better choice.

On the whole, though, it is definitely a hit and our views on the drawbacks could be considered picky. Let us know you opinions by commenting below or tweeting @museumofjerseys.

2 comments on “The ‘problems’ with Manchester City’s 125th-anniversary kit

  1. Jordi

    I guess in order to use it the whole season they would place a puma logo in it. I would go for that option same design and the puma logo .

  2. Simon

    The number font look good too.

    They should have gone with the white shorts and socks for their goalkeeper kit as well.


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