3 thoughts on “Football League Classics – Liverpool, 1989-91

  1. I loved reading this article, fantastic kit for that season and you are quite right, the commercial success of replica kits had been realised fully up until this point. I think this is the best kit Liverpool produced, I also think two toned kits are more interesting

  2. Hey their Denis, great article, it’s a pity you couldn’t do the whole league though I would have found that interesting, as it was probably my favourite year in English kits in my humble opinion (thanks to my find memories of Colecting that seasons pro set cards)

    Oh I…while I’m here …I know this is a bit off topic but I have an EFL question that you might know the answer to

    Does the EFL have rules about squad number legibility?

    I ask because HFK seems to have a habit of moaning that Brentford always has plain backs, and I always thought this was a rule issue not their choice

    But my club (Wednesday) threw the proverbial spanner in that by having gold fonts that are practically illegible this season



  3. Brilliant shirts this season for Liverpool. I think the 80’s were the best years when it comes to their shirts in the 90 i remember some rebook not interesting at all

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