Premier League kit-tracker 2019-20

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Having undertaken the kit-tracker last season, there were thankfully unsolicited requests for a version for the new season and we’re happy to do it again.

Niggly goalkeeper designs are part of the reason for the delay in getting it up, but hopefully we’re on track now (right-click and view image for larger size).

The main issue of note last week were Everton having to use their 2018-19 third kit at Crystal Palace as their new change options weren’t suitable.

Last season, the Toffees wore all-white at Selhurst Park but this time round they used navy shorts. They also used last season’s Premier League sleeve patches – there is a small change to the design for 2019-20 – but goalkeeper Jordan Pickford’s shirt was without a patch.

The only real offenders in terms of wearing a change kit with no need to do so were Arsenal, who created a shorts-clash at Newcastle United.


Once again, we have Matt Smith to give his views on the various kit-choices as well as the creation of a ranking of team’s kit-choices for away games. Take it away, Matt:

The issues around West Ham’s decision to eschew their traditional white shorts and socks were magnified when up against Manchester City’s all-black. The darkness of both kits was not ideal, nor was Ederson’s goalkeeping strip’s and its blue element which created a slight clash with the home team.

It was good to see minimal use of away/third outfits when there was no reason to do so, which leads nicely into the ‘Kit Credibility Table’ (idea from a yellow-alternative-shorts-obsessed Nottingham Forest fan).

Points are awarded on clearly arbitrary basis to sides who, in the main, try to employ their kits in an effective way. For example:

  • Three points for wearing home colours when possible. Also for effective use of mash-ups/change kits to avoid a clash which benefits fans watching
  • One point for wearing a change strip to avoid a shirt clash but creating a shorts/socks clash
  • No points for wearing a change strip for no reason whatsoever. Hello to Watford in recent years.

Obviously the rules aren’t set in stone and it’ll no doubt create debate as we go along, but here are last weekend’s scores and the current table after Week 1:


  • Everton would have been three for using a previous season’s change strip at Palace, but then it was announced it was because their third kit hadn’t been released yet.
  • Southampton would have been better in their white third strip, but it would have required alternative navy shorts so they went with grey and yellow. This dark/light visual created a bit of a clash with Burnley on Match of the Day.
  • Only away teams will be assessed unless a home club makes a particular effort/error.

2 comments on “Premier League kit-tracker 2019-20

  1. Discodave26

    Great idea for the away kit decisions league table but straight away I can think off 1 pair of games that could be difficult to score… The north London derbys should normally be 3pts for away team for keeping the home kit on but yet it’s a clash of white sleeves! So would that only be 1pt? Also lot of teams wear blue (but not navy) shorts at Spurs which I’m not a fan off but again would that normally be 3pts or 1? Nit picking I know but I’m a fan of the concept and wondering who’s going to top the table a table the end of the season!

  2. Tony Wright

    Everton didn’t wear the home shorts and socks pal, those are the designated shorts and socks for that kit from last year


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