AC Milan fall just short of perfection

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Because human beings like to hard back to their youth as being utopian, we hold AC Milan in high regard despite their fall from grace in recent times.

Their horrific approach to squad numbering has mirrored an on-field decline – they haven’t finished in Serie A’s top three since 2013 – while some of their kits have left a lot to be desired, too.

Despite adidas being intrinsically associated with stripes, the German firm often struggle with striped shirts and so it was probably for the best that Milan ended a 20-year association with them in 2018, moving to Puma.

The first set of Puma Milan kits was good if not great, but there is a lot to like about the 2019-20 offerings.


However, being picky, there are things that could have been done to make them even better. We will go through them one by one:


No quibbles on the home strip. Last year’s was fine, but fully striped sleeves are better and the historically-influenced narrow size really works. Black home socks would be our preference but white socks do look great as well.


While most clubs vary the colour of their second kit year on year, Milan stick with white and it has worked for them.

This is also an upgrade on the 2018-19 change kit, which didn’t have enough red on it for our liking. The only change we would make would be to reverse the leg trim colours so as to better balance out the red and black.


While the pattern on the black third kit looks random, it is in fact a stylised rendering of the club’s devil logo. Again, it’s better than its predecessor, while suffered from Puma’s melange effect as Arsenal’s change kit did, creating a maroon effect.

The only criticism of this kit is the dual-colour shorts trim – while it works well on the home/away shorts, there’s no need for it here, as the only other appearance of white is on the logos. And, if those shorts were to be used with the white shirt (rare, but not completely unknown for Milan), red on both legs would still be fine.

Overall, though, a big thumbs-up, but one final thing we would add – a red fourth kit that’s a reversal of the third, as they had in 1996-97. We can hope.

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