Premier League kit-tracker – gameweek 8

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Things to note in the most recent round of games

  • Tottenham Hotspur wore their third kit, and complementary goalkeeper strip, for the first time
  • Everton used their alternative blue shorts and socks at Burnley
  • Wolves gave a first domestic outing to their black away shirt – the default socks for the change kit are old gold but the home socks were worn at Manchester City
  • Chelsea appeared in all-blue for the first time in the current league campaign

As ever, Matt Smith is here with his take on the choice of kits by away teams and the updated table:

This week’s scores:
Tottenham 1
Everton 3
Leicester 3
Aston Villa 3
Sheffield United 0
Crystal Palace 3
Bournemouth 3
Wolves 0
Chelsea 3
Manchester United 3

Spurs drop two points for having to employ a blue strip at Brighton. Yes, it ensured there wasn’t a clash, but having two change kits in different shades of the same colour was a poor decision. We can’t be seen to be rewarding that.

Sheffield United again decide to change an entire strip when it’s not necessary. Why not employ the away shorts to avoid a clash? Simple solution.

Top marks to Chelsea and Manchester United for adding different socks to retain their home colours. The latter usually do, of course.


2 comments on “Premier League kit-tracker – gameweek 8

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