Premier League kit-tracker – gameweek 9

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Things to note from the most recent round of fixtures:

  • Brighton & Hove Albion wore last season’s home socks at Aston Villa, with the royal blue considered to be better against white than sky blue
  • Watford wore their away strip in its default format for the first time
  • Southampton wore their third shirt for the first time, though they had to wear the home socks at Wolves. Irritatingly, the third kit is white, red and navy, rather than white, red and black, which would be much better for interchangeability
  • Ederson again wore his pink kit along with Manchester City’s third strip – as well as causing potential confusion with his team-mates, it was far from ideal against Crystal Palace’s home
  • Having worn their black third shirt three times already, Liverpool gave their white away shirt its first airing. With the default socks being white with a navy lower section, a change plain white set was used


As usual, Matt Smith is here with the updated Away Kits Table:

This week’s scores:
West Ham 1
Brighton 1
Norwich 3
Newcastle 3
Burnley 1
Watford 0
Southampton 1
Manchester City 0
Liverpool 3
Arsenal 1


West Ham could and should have combined their away shirts with the home shorts and socks, especially with the amount of blue on their home top this season.

Quite why Watford avoided one shorts clash by creating another, therefore donning pretty much the same colours as Spurs is baffling. Just get some alternative red shorts. Southampton could do with some as previously too.

Burnley actually have an option to wear other shorts with their home shirt, but chose not to. Two points dropped. No VAR required.

Brighton breaking out last season’s blue socks at Aston Villa will go down as one of the strangest decisions we’ll see this season. Credit for retaining the home strip, but why wear clash-creating socks?!

Man City could have worn their home kit – they’ve had no problems retaining it against teams with blue in their strip before. They could have worn their black away outfit. They didn’t ever need to use their sun-exploding third outfit. So, of course, they did.

Liverpool avoiding the clash the navy lower half of their socks would have created at Old Trafford by wearing white shows good attention to detail. Arsenal not using alternative away shorts that apparently exist does not.

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