Fantasy Kit Friday – Chelsea Nike 2004

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An interesting request from Ben Joyce today, seeking to make Chelsea’s association with Nike 13 years older than it actually is:

The Total 90 template was a versatile one, with two neck styles and two different piping formats.

Essentially, the home here is a recoloured Arsenal away with the Arsenal home used as the basis for the awyay

Chelsea’s actual third kit in 2004-05 was the change kit from the previous season, but rather than using a 2003-04 Nike style we felt uniformity was better and so have utilised the Paris Saint-Germain design.

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2 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Chelsea Nike 2004

  1. MusashiX 96

    You would also have done what Chelsea would have looked like in Nike but in the 1991-92 season. Great shirts.

  2. denishurley Post author

    Hi Musashi, I wanted to do that one too and emailed you today to clarify but you didn’t reply!


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