Fantasy Kit Friday – a Christmas tradition

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While we endeavour to undertake Fantasy Kit Friday suggestions from others throughout the year, the week before Christmas we allow a little indulgence.

Supporting Cork City allows for a neat confluence with the season thanks to the club’s colours and for the past three years we have experimented.

The tradition started in 2016 with 1997 Nike kits:

City changed from Nike back to adidas for 2018 and we hoped that it might be a return to the glory days of the 1980s and 1990s (while deep down we knew it would be teamwear).

Then last year it was mid-1990s Umbro and all of the excesses that that meant:

This time, it’s back to the 1980s and Le Coq Sportif (who supplied City’s kits from 1999-2003 in real life).

Given their LCS history, it makes sent that Chelsea provide the basis for the home…


…and also for the away, with a slightly different striping arrangement.


Aston Villa also had Le Coq at this time and it is to them we looked for the third.


Next Friday will be a very special edition that is sure to test a few sensibilities and we will continue to carry out requests in the new year. Comment below or tweet us @museumofjerseys.

3 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – a Christmas tradition

  1. Jordi

    One of the best fkf. Nice shirts from all the brands even Nike seems brilliant.
    What brand does wear nowadays Cork city?


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