3 thoughts on “The strange case of Liverpool’s 1988-90 third shirt

  1. Were any of the long sleeved versions employed for the 1988/89 game? If not it would suggest the long sleeved versions were a second batch where the matching stripe material was applied. The first batch were presumably more of a rush job and just used the existing away stripes.

    This may also partially explain why the 1989/90 version was the old template and not a whole new design – the material being quite different in 1989/90 on the home and away shirts from the shadow pattern of 1988/89.

  2. Just come across this on the old football shirts site.


    Apparently John Aldridge’s shirt from the 1988-89 game (not sure if he was still at the the club for the 1989-90 game), and the Adidas stripes are of the latter design. Either the shirt is a fake, or from whoever wore the number 8 in 1989-90, or some shirts had the white backed stripes in 1988-89. I don’t know what to think anymore!

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