Fantasy Kit Friday – Sampdoria adidas 1990

Sampdoria-1990-adidas-Fantasy-Cork-City-01 - CopyA late edition tonight, with the request coming from Rob Carey, who wondered how a Sampdoria version of the 1990 West Germany shirt might have looked.

Of course, in reality Samp wore Asics in the season they won their first and so far only Scudettothe campaign is being relived here at the moment – though it was actually a badge-engineered Kappa kit, with the maker’s logo the only difference from 1989-90.

In theory, the switch to the West Germany design is an easy transposition once the middle stripe in the ribbon is bisected, but of course Samp had a sponsor whereas the international shirt didn’t.

One potential solution was to put the ERG logo alongside the adidas mark, directly beneath the neck, but instead we used the narrower ribbon, as employed on the 1989-91 Cork City shirt, with the sponsor off-centre below it.

As always, your views are welcome, along with future FKF requests – comment below or tweet us @museumofjerseys.


4 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Sampdoria adidas 1990

  1. Jordi

    Quite nice to be honest.
    That would be the shirt that they used to reach the final at wembley 1992 i guess but there them and us played with the away shirt.

    How do you imagine their away shirt for that final using Adidas?

  2. Luca Ghiglione

    1. The first shirt of Sampdoria is blu-cerchiata (blue-circled): no change is possible!
    2. For our culture, the red and the blue must not became in contact. Never!

    1. denishurley Post author

      Hello Luca, thanks for getting in touch! This is of course Fantasy Kit Friday, so only a bit of fun – I would be happy to do any requests you wish.

      I have an article here about Roberto Mancini designing the red third kit in 1990 and keeping the red and blue apart – – but it’s worth noting that the red shirt used in 1981-82 had red and blue touching – – but of course you know that book!

      Later this week, I will publish an article by Les Motherby on Sampdoria change shirts.


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