3 thoughts on “Midweek Mashup – Spain, 2010

  1. Was the post-World Cup Final mash-up (home shirt and navy shorts and socks) never worn in a match then? Growing up in the 1990’s means Spain in navy shorts and socks seems a more traditional look to me, even though I do prefer lighter blue shorts.

  2. You wouldn’t believe how many people try to tell me that white kit was their change strip at the 2010 World Cup. I show them a picture of Spain wearing navy in the final and they still don’t get it…

  3. The red one has been the most difficult shirt for me to buy. After winning the world cup, the shirts with the star were impossible to find, as much you would find boy size… funny that i found it at hampden before the game you mentioned in the post.

    Looks like a pattern as i was in Germany after they won the 2014 and i could not find their shirt with all their stars

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