Fantasy Kit Friday – Città di Coventria

Jamie Leeson certainly knew which buttons to push with his request for Coventry City given early 1990s Serie A-style makeovers.

We are currently charting the 1990-91 Italian top flight season in kits – click the link below for the most recent instalment, with the fourth and final one due next week.

Jamie wanted to go in a different direction to normal, with a mix of kit manufacturers – the Kappa Juventus style for the home – based on the real-life 1989-91 Asics home colour-scheme – AC Milan’s adidas for the classic green and black away and the Roma Ennerre away design for the third, using the Admiral tramlines change strip as its basis.

As always, feedback is welcome and so are requests for future FKFs. Comment below or tweet us @museumofjerseys.

4 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Città di Coventria

  1. jlpagano

    Didn’t Coventry once have a jersey with a big T design on the front to make a mockery of the League’s reluctance to have shirt sponsors at the time? T as in Talbot cars?

  2. Andrea

    I thought Google Translate was messing with me at first…. What a title, you guys are geniuses!


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