5 thoughts on “Show me aways at home

  1. Wasn’t there a case with Coventry wearing a different strip in the mid 90’s (a red/black check one?) at home? Or was that an Away team wearing the home teams kit?

  2. I remember that Newcastle/Wednesday game. The Wednesday 3rd strip was more grey with black pinstripes than white, which is probably why Tranmere (who were white with black pinstripes) were considered not to clash with Newcastle’s black and white, but Wednesday were. That fourth strip Wednesday wore for that FA Cup game v Wimbledon appears to be a one-off – notice that Wednesday weren’t wearing squad numbers!

  3. Gotta say about that Villa-WHU game, can’t think anything more ridiculous than having away vs away match-up and still having a kit clash. These kind of things just drive me mad, esp when Hammers could’ve used 07-08 white away in that fixture. And even more insane, those kits together were way worse clash than what allowing sleeves clash would’ve been. Not only white vs sky blue but an overall clash too, almost as bad as MCI-WHU league cup tie in 2014. Sky blue vs white should be only allowed if one team have dark shorts&socks and another light shorts&socks

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