Fantasy Kit Friday – Chelsea adidas 2018

Jorge Rux certainly knows how to massage our ego.

His request for today’s FKF is Chelsea in adidas designs from 2018. You’ll recall that that summer’s World Cup featured a number of three-stripe offerings which took their cues from styles originally seen in the 1980s and 1990s.

Cleverly, Jorge felt that the best approach for Chelsea versions was to call back previous FKFs.

For the home, the basis is the Spain home, which itself was inspired by the Spain 1994 home, as previously rendered in Chelsea colours.

Then, the Germany-based away’s original is so old that not only is it in our previous, stone-age art style, it was posted before we’d even thought to use the #fantasykitfriday hashtag on Twitter.

Finally, the third is a bit of a cheat on two counts. First of all, it’s obviously influenced by a Chelsea away strip, the 1994-96 one, which we riffed with a version based on the Republic of Ireland change kit at the World Cup in the USA.

Adidas didn’t actually do a refreshed version in 2018, so we haven taken some artistic licence.

Feedback is of course welcome, along with requests for future FKFs. Comment below or tweet us @museumofjerseys.

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