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  1. Hi Phil, the blue stoke goalkeeping top was also worn in the league fixture at Molinuex that same season. This was the opening day of the season.

  2. Phil, great piece. I’m always fascinated in anything regarding the goalies. Well, i also think that during the 80’s and 90’s, having a completely different colored jersey / shorts, was pretty usual. While now, i see more and more one-colored sets for the goalies. Distinctive on the one hand, quite boring on the other. What do you think?

  3. i think that the ref should have to change his kit more often as it is unfair on the clubs

  4. Keepers should wear the team shorts and socks and a different colour shirt like they did in the 70s and before, they need to feel part of the team and be recognised as part of it. I also think that clubs should have a traditional keepers colour shirt as their first kit and then have change kits, this will build up a distinction for that clubs keeper rather than changing the colour every year, the design can change. I also like it when the home keepers shirt is one of the club colours so for example Arsenal could have the home keeper shirt in white or the dark maroon colour of their old shirt if it does not clash with the home shirt, Spurs home keeper could be navy blue. Any thoughts?

  5. Iain. I really think that having red or blue as goalkeeper kits in the EPL is a losing game. Half the teams or more were either or both of those colors. Green and yellow are the classic English keeper colors, because of the rarity of those colours in outfield kits.
    “traditional” keeper colors that spring to mind are Italy’s gray and Brazil’s green (and both those teams with orange as an alternate)

  6. Lain and Kabe if 2 of your 3 gk kits are in the traditional green and yellow then I think an all navy blue goalie kit for say teams like England and spurs is fine. Also this might be just me but I absolutely hate orange gk tops/kits with a passion! Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s all orange or with black shorts i cannot stand it…Not sure why this is as i like orange as an outfield kit colour as much as any other colour and I’m cool with almost any other goalies kit colour …only example I can remember in history that I’m okay-ish with is republic of Ireland’s 🇮🇪 back up goalies jersey when yellow and grey tops cannot be worn and that’s only because it’s the 3rd colour of the national flag and it’s almost totally ignored in favour off the other 2 colours …Brazil I think you should always have an all green 1st gk kit and all grey gk 2nd kits with black shorts and socks as back ups …… with Italy I would always have the classic grey top with black shorts as 1st choice with the 2nd and 3rd keeper kits in the Italian flag colours off all green and all red. Kinda like w.Germany in the 80s for a bit had the light blue as a 1st choice with red and yellow (flag colours) as the back ups.

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