5 thoughts on “First-time shirts – Southampton, 1980-85

  1. Great idea for submissions, and a perfect capture of sentiments! Agree fully on the immediacy of the design. Even a glance would do it, even now when Southampton pop up on one of the archive footage shows.

  2. Just trying to work out who were the seven captains? Keegan, Ball, Shilton, Mills, Mark Wright?

    1. In reply to John: Saints started 1982 with Kevin Keegan, Mick Channon, Alan Ball, Mark Wright and Dave Watson. All captained England, if only for a couple of games in Channon’s case. Dave Watson left in about the February, and Keegan in June of 82, but after the World Cup Saints signed Mick Mills and Peter Shilton. Therefore seven future or ex England Captains in the same calendar year. Sometime Northern Ireland skipper Chris Nicholl was also part of the squad in 1982. Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks wasn’t sure about Channon, I should have got Watson within him once living locally to where I do.

  4. Great shirts.
    No mention of the special all red shirt that had to be specially made for a cup game against Blackburn.
    It was never available to buy. It’s possibly the rarest Saints shirt.

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