2 thoughts on “First-time shirts – Aston Villa, 1990

  1. Fantastic article, brilliantly written. Took me right back to a similar experience with my first Liverpool shirt, as a 9 year old. At the time, Irish manufacturer O’Neill’s somehow managed to get away with selling their versions of Liverpool, United and (possibly?) Arsenal kits. Mine was a (pinkish) nod to the 84-85 Umbro pinstripe. That it was markedly different to the official replica (of which I only remember one in the entire town!) meant little to me. Or my friends who had the United one (practically identical, even though they were supposed to be Adidas).

  2. Lovelly post that explains really well what we had in the spanish 80s, football shirts were always non branded, there were few options to get the players shirt, and i Guess 90 x cent of the people having football shirts were unbranded Replicas.

    My first proper Barça shirt was in 1993…

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