2 thoughts on “Twice as Nice – Spain, 1993

  1. i think post 1994 Adidas did the right thing of having a all navy and all white change/away/3rd kits with trim in Spanish flag colour orders (also 1 all light and 1 all dark kit keeps fifa happy) but i would off still kept the traditional royal blue shorts and black socks with the “home” kit just like the above 1992 home kit……….and then occasionally you could still mix and match the shorts and socks of the home and “dark” navy change kits when required. Also didn’t Spain wear red,navy and white shirts/kits at usa 1994 world cup or am i imagining it?

    1. As a kid i loved our home image of the 80s blue shorts with black socks were brilliant for me.

      About the 1994 wc i think we only played with red home with lots of blue and white away. Our home shirt was a masterpiece from Adidas (another one).

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