3 thoughts on “Twice as Nice – Arsenal third 1994-96

  1. Great article, as was the linked 83/4 one. Fascinating combinations. I seem to recall two other rare strips that I may or may not be imagining?! Was there a green umbro Notts Forest shirt with a zig zag stripe across it, maybe early 90s? And did Southampton have a beige/tan pony shirt in the mid late 90s?

  2. Nottingham Forest did have a green shirt c.1992. It was never worn in a competitive match, but was worn pre-season at Lincoln United.

  3. I actually own that shirt, Dixon 94/95, long-sleeved, worn at Anfield. I was at the game, coincidentally, as I rarely got to games, let alone away ones. A freezing night and the famous streaker, Mark Roberts, made an appearance, too!

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