4 thoughts on “Would you sleeve it?!

  1. for once i am lucky as a spurs fan………..(so far)…………….i HATE sleeve sponsorships full stop…..its annoying that tournament logos have killed the likes of Adidas etc stripes on the top of sleeves but this is ten times worse.
    One logo for kit manufacture one for sponsor anything more looks like a poor mans pro cycling team or motor racing top!

    1. Let’s hope they don’t pass like here in Latin America. Two or three sponsors on the front, one or two on the sleves, one on the back, one or two on the shorts…

  2. Huh, sleeve sponsors are now becoming more common these days. Well, if there’s an opportunity companies can stamp their logo on, there you go.

    When it comes to designs, however, the same rules apply to front sponsorships. It’s best for the company logos to be monochrome so it doesn’t become a distraction to everyone. Brighton didn’t follow my words though, at the black and yellow logo doesn’t flow well with the blue kit.

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