Fantasy Kit Friday – Inter Kappa 1989

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While Kappa had a strong presence in Serie A in the 1980s – outfitting Juventus, Milan and Roma among others – the firm’s kits have never been worn by Internazionale (nor, for that matter, have the Nerazzurri worn Ennerre).

It’s something that James Evans wished to put right. His blog features some excellent articles about a golden era in Italian kits and he wanted an Inter version of the 1988-92 Juventus home, including the green Kappa logo used at the time. At the time, Inter used the biscione crest.

For the away – which had the same shorts and socks as the home – we opted for the design used by Inter’s rivals Milan at the time, as the double-striped horizontal band called the mind the style used by Inter as an alternative in the 1960s.

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1 comment on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Inter Kappa 1989

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