2 thoughts on “1993-94 German adidas brochure

  1. All the crests on the back page just seem a little bit off somehow, or is that just me?

    And like you, I can’t fathom why Leverkusen’s kit was left out – didn’t they have a standard EQT template at this time? You’d think adidas would keep wanting to flog that horse.

  2. Those “93” Germany kits which I believe were worn at euro 92 and us cup 93 ( where England infamously lost to the yanks for a 2nd time) were underrated in my opinion and also the yellow goalies kit not shown here … I had also seen a change goalie top but not sure if it was also green or it was turquoise ? Which I would off preferred in sky blue …which is always my 1st choice for Germany goalies tops/kits with “ Patriotic /flag” red and/or yellow as change ones…… Germany home kits 99% of the time should be “Prussian” white-black-white off course only question I have with myself is if I prefer Germany away traditional kits (green-white-green) as above or the World Cup 2014 red and black “rugby” esque hoops with opposite shorts and socks colours to the HomeKit?🤔

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