1993-94 German adidas brochure

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It’s interesting to compare and contrast this offering with the 1997-98 version we looked at earlier this year.

There are only change shirts for Bayern Munich and the Germany national team, perhaps indicative of the fact that the replica market was still at a relatively early stage. That Bayern had a yellow and green strip on the road was a big deviation from the norm, though not completely unprecedented.

While the adidas Equipment era came in in 1991, it’s interesting to note that Schalke still had an older trefoil design – however, in 1992-93 they had worn a one-off Equipment design as part of an anti-racism campaign.

Their off-field gear and that of Hamburg was of a 1992 vintage while Bayern’s style of leisurewear was seemingly unique – we do have a perhaps-false memory that the USA had similar, but maybe that’s the colours playing tricks on us. Only Stuttgart training wear is of the 1993-94 style familiar to Arsenal and Liverpool supporters.

While there is a Bayer Leverkusen fans’ t-shirt available, we’re not sure why their kits are not included.

2 comments on “1993-94 German adidas brochure

  1. liamhughes1982

    All the crests on the back page just seem a little bit off somehow, or is that just me?

    And like you, I can’t fathom why Leverkusen’s kit was left out – didn’t they have a standard EQT template at this time? You’d think adidas would keep wanting to flog that horse.

  2. Discodavid26

    Those “93” Germany kits which I believe were worn at euro 92 and us cup 93 ( where England infamously lost to the yanks for a 2nd time) were underrated in my opinion and also the yellow goalies kit not shown here … I had also seen a change goalie top but not sure if it was also green or it was turquoise ? Which I would off preferred in sky blue …which is always my 1st choice for Germany goalies tops/kits with “ Patriotic /flag” red and/or yellow as change ones…… Germany home kits 99% of the time should be “Prussian” white-black-white off course only question I have with myself is if I prefer Germany away traditional kits (green-white-green) as above or the World Cup 2014 red and black “rugby” esque hoops with opposite shorts and socks colours to the HomeKit?🤔


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