8 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Germany in Nike

  1. Two cracking kits… even if the contrast between side and short panels (on both) jars a little… though a consistent third colour on the away, for example might be too much.

  2. Good stuff Denis … also thought the Nike Manchester United 2009/10 “v” template might have worked well with Germany 🇩🇪 Team outfielders and keepers kits if it had used a tricolour look like you have with this home kit……
    Also as Germans are generally better prepared for kit clashes the British teams (ok i am stereotyping there!) you won’t need to need to mix the away shorts with home kit anyways as the dfb would have a suitcase filled up with an rare 3rd kit……for emergency’s which would contain the opposite shorts and socks to the “home” kit eg white shorts with black trim which would be used more often with/as a all white mixed and matched kit with home shirt and socks.
    And the 3rd socks would be black and probably get more use with goalies kits and finally the 3rd shirt would be red and black hoops with thin yellow trim in between for the rare occasions they play teams in green and white shirts or want to give the Brazilian team nightmares 🤣

  3. Also completely different sport Denis but on a totally related matter I have been watching A lot off YouTube during lockdown and the world junior ice hockey championships and by far my favourite jersey in the tournament is the white (home?) Germany one which has a “funky “ tricolour design on the sleeves (both the white and the black change jersey) which i think is very reminiscent of the Adidas 1994 Germany World Cup poncho template design …… and as far as I can make out is made by …… Nike! ! Looks like the finish team and other teams in the tournament also had the same template design but by far the best looking one is the white/light Germany top in my opinion.

    1. For being Nike they are not bad, but as always in the real life their shirts are missing something…

      I would be glad to see Nike with Germany if that means Barça would change to Adidas hehe

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