3 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Liverpool adidas, 2020-21

  1. I’ve always wanted to make a Fantasy Kit Friday suggestion but I never knew what to suggest! But I recently realised that I don’t really like any late 00’s adidas kits, even the ones worn by Chelsea. Given that my favourite Chelsea kits of all time are the 97/98 CWC home and away, the league winning 2003/05 home and the white away with blue and black from 03/04, I would love to have seen Chels in Umbro for a little longer. Comparing our terrible 09/10 kit to the Tailored Umbro kits of the time, I know which I’d rather have. So my suggestion is – what if Chelsea had never left Umbro for Adidas?

  2. May have been an open goal, but still needed to be put away! Cracking set of kits, and infinitely preferable to the current Nike nods towards the 1991/92 range.

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