6 thoughts on “Midweek Mashup – Scotland goalkeeper special

  1. I’m a Paisley boy it would have been sports connection in the piazza in Paisley that your gran gave Roughie abuse.

  2. Another proof of why i love so muchs kits from scottish league and national team.
    All of them but 2 are excellent

  3. An excellent article. A couple of points for context.
    Alan Rough wore white socks as often as possible from 1978 on, it was a suoerstition thing. Occasionally he would have to wear the socks provided with a kit (e.g. in World Cups) but where he could he wore white socks. He mentions it in an interview in The Scotsman (https://www.scotsman.com/sport/interview-alan-rough-goalkeeper-1-807179)
    As for Scotland goalies wearing yellow, this was the convention long before 1974, as can be seen by images of Ronnie Simpson in 67 and before him Tommy Lawrence – a goalie who could give Goram a run for his money in the rotund stakes. (https://www.lfchistory.net/images/newspapers/footballmemorabilia/lawrence-scotland.jpg) and another Tommy, Tommy Younger (https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-N3bM1Rwq5YU/WTu4YUUQL3I/AAAAAAAABhE/9CrW318Z9IIqg9j_RDi4234kj5b2qP2VQCEw/s1600/Team%2Bcome%2Bout.JPG)
    Interestingly images from the 1966 show Bobby Ferguson wearing Navy shorts with the yellow shirt, along with the navy and red socks worn by the team in matches against Netherlands and England (https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3e/cf/ac/3ecfac05be7a4397de20d3cefa3fe2b0.jpg) , and in the 1971 Bobby Clarke wearing dark (black or Navy) shorts against Belgium (https://d2cx26qpfwuhvu.cloudfront.net/aberdeen/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/03185135/Bobby-Clark-Scot-v-Bel-1971-1024×655.jpg) so mash-ups were even a thing back then

  4. This article was so cathartic, as Goram used to really mess with my OCD with some of his kit choices! And glad someone other than me noticed his penchant for totally ignoring some kits altogether – the 94/95 red and yellow predator series jersey and the 96/97 jersey with the Ibrox front on it.

  5. Love the article …… even more then outfield kits I’m obsessed with the choices of colours national teams make with their goalkeeper kits…… or if they make none at all and leave it up to the kit manufacturer 🤔?
    For me Scotland 1st gk kit should always be yellow and 2nd and 3rd keeper kits can be anything out of red/grey/ purple and/or mint green/light blue .

  6. Good article. Some interesting designs and colours.

    One missing that I liked was the one Andy Goram wore at Euro 96. Manchester United had a version of it as well. I forgot there was a red, yellow and blue version of it.

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