3 thoughts on “1998 World Cup complementary goalkeeper kits

  1. The Brazil GK shirt is my all time favourite, but as you say the shorts and socks somewhat spoiled it. Finally managed to obtain one a few years ago.

  2. Was a fan of the 1998 England home and navy gk templates … just a shame that there was no away red version for the outfielders and a yellow gk top with black shorts and socks …… although it’s the only occasion in history I would have the navy as 1st choice and demote the yellow to back up.

  3. Also a would give honorary mention of the Croatia goalies kits at World Cup 1998…… while maybe not as perfect a pair with their outfielders kits as all the above examples they like the Croatia home shirt had a kind of checkered style …a rare look for goalies to say the least in history even compared to the few teams like Croatia who wear them in outfield … and with the simple genius of the 2018 away kit being a perfect opposite of the traditional home kit colours (red and blue fabric swapped over from home colours and white and black swapped too although the red socks were replaced with black alternatives a few times but then again Croatia sometimes wore white socks with home kit) if I was designing the next set off kits I would try and revisit the checkered goalies kits although maybe modern kit rules prevent this from happening? 🤔

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