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  1. Hi Andy,

    Brilliant stuff.

    For me though it has to be the powder blue self (or shadow) striped Le Coq kit of 1982-85

  2. Agreed with three and a half off your choices for top five spurs clash kits …totally agree that one yellow kit has to make the list and the 81 yellow just beats the early 90s one by the skin off it’s teeth…… mainly as you mentioned London rivals naming the 90s one the bird mess kit although it’s arguably the only premiere league kit to be used over 4 seasons! (Although at least one season was the original division one pre-premier league)……100% would put both plain navy shirted kits you have added…… both were 100% interchangeable with those seasons home kits which is doubly important in European seasons for spurs in my book even though I don’t like plain navy away tops for every single season as thanks to our 1st season with Umbro in the 90s I do like/love our keepers in all navy kits ( if not in traditional green and/or all yellow) which hence is also why I put the 00/01 adidas kit a shade above the 17/18 Nike for both for that reason and also like you said they kept the change/euro white shorts unnecessary “quiet” not 100% part off that Nike away kit.
    The kit I half 50/50 agree with is the mid 90s purple and navy stripes kit……back we were pants even with teddy,Darren and sol! yes it’s streets ahead off any other purple kit we have ever had…… but maybe it’s only better because half the shirt IS NAVY ( more on that later) and for me while the shirt is good I feel like purple for spurs should be more a trim colour…… and purple shorts and socks never make sense I.m.h.o unless we go for an all purple goalie kit either because the navy top is going to the outfield players that season instead and/or I’ll also far prefer it to orange keeper kits any day off the week (which I always hate with a passion for any team unless your a national team and it’s a colour in your flag.) anyways sometimes this purple kit is in my top five as my fifth best kit …sometimes it’s the 05/06 yellow 3rd or the black and grey 12/13 (even though I normally hate club teams plain black or grey kits change kits this had echoes off spurs half and half shirts in its early history and the yellow trim makes it “pop” like Liverpools 80s grey one did with red trim) or it’s the green European kit off 18/19 ( although it’s better to leave green for the goalies 99% off the time I.m.o) and sometimes the 19/20 navy with purple? Chest trim? that then just leaves me taking out your brown kit ( shame as I love a designated “cup” kit) but the kit I replace it with is for me definitely my number 1 favourite spurs change kit is the 15/16 under armour sky and navy hoops away kit……brilliant shirt that screams spurs even though they never had the colour hoops combo before ( spurs did wear navy and white hoops change kit for a good 20years pre-60s but that wouldn’t be allowed in this era to resolve colour kit clashes) … which was paired with navy shorts which looked identical to home pair other then having sky trim not white trim and sky and navy hooped socks…… it looked great even though I would personally have simply paired it with plain white shorts and all navy socks which you can guess would simply be the home alternative/change pairs for the home white shirt as well for mixing and matching . Why did I love this shirt so much? for me even though I loved the look off the all the numerous all sky/baby blue change kits for spurs it only made sense in non European years (when kit mixing and matching is needed far less for spurs I.m.o) or again as a keeper kit … and like England 3rd all sky blue kits while looks great it gets let down as it don’t solve as many colour classes as much as you think. …( with a white home kit) but the 15/16 hoops kit by having plain sky blue shoulders meant like that seasons home kit it could have identical navy trim on the neck and sleeves and on top by having at least half the body navy meant it looked better with any colour shorts and socks that weren’t 100% sky I.m.o

    1. … and the navy hoops darkened the shirt enough to be a perfect swap against teams with plain white and/or light shirts… making it a better colour choice for an spurs away shirt then plain sky blue in my book and so again if I’m head off kit design for spurs I would normally in European seasons go home= white
      away = navy and sky hoops paired with opposite white or navy shorts and socks to the home shirt
      leaving 3rd = all yellow for outfielders kit choice’s … in the years when not in European competition or swapping home shorts and socks at all during that season is when you can then go either all sky and or all purple away kits or whatever you want/need to mix it up a bit.

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