4 thoughts on “Top 5s – Milan second and third/fourth kits

  1. Very superb job!!! but… the first black jersey (and red one too…) in the history of AC Milan was produced in the 40’s…. For the blue one it wasn’t a total news for Milan because they wore one blue in Latina Cup in the 50’s 🙂

  2. On a slight “change” off subject … see what I did there 🤣……With AC Milan almost every season I’m never quite sure if while playing in the San Siro ……if the famous
    red and black stripes home shirt “default “ full home kit setting comes…
    Opinion 1
    always with both white shorts and socks
    Opinion 2
    Always with white shorts and black socks …in which case do they religiously stick to that or do they change socks for both Milan derby league games or only the “away” fixture
    Opinion 3
    Always with both black shorts and black socks … in which case again as in 2. do they religiously stick to that or change for both home and away Milan derby league games or only the “away” inter game …?
    Opinion 4
    Or do they do an man United or a spurs European kit colours thing? In that they have a set opinion from the 3 above ( probably 2 or 3) for domestic games and then a different option ( most likely 1) off the above for European games …
    And open question to you ac fans and kit nerds … what combination do you think is best for home games? For my 2 cents I like 2 or 3 unless it’s either home or away inter derby league game(s) in which case I prefer ac in 1 (white shorts and socks) and also in all European home games games if it doesn’t cause a bigger clash problem then if the black socks would have. If I’m head kit designer I’m have all white = away kit all black = 3rd kit all red = 4th/ away vs Juve 3rd and 4th kits cane also double up as goalie kits if not wearing green or grey or yellow.

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