2 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Southampton Hummel 2019

  1. The most of UA era kits were absolutely horrendous. I only liked the kits of 16/17 season + 17/18 home & 18/19 away (yellow&blue is always nice colour combo). 20/21 kits were alright but real shame the opportunity to mix&match between home & third wasn’t properly used that season. When Saints used change shorts they rather went with red ones. 17/18 was also a missed opportunity when there wasn’t a recreation for 1980-85 away kit as well. Esp 19/20 kitset was a shocker, otherwise that season had decent kits imo but Saints had the worst kits of that season.

  2. They look great – sadly unlikely to ever be seen in real life given the demise of Hummel’s UK distributor, and the sheer number of teams moving on from their deals with them.

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