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Premier League 2018-19 kit-tracker – Gameweek 2

Gameweek 2, August 18-20 Saturday Cardiff City 0 Newcastle United 0 Both sides were in their home kits, as they had been the previous week, though both goalkeepers changed from… Read more »

Premier League 2018-19 kit-tracker – Gameweek 1

Hopefully you saw the World Cup kit-tracker in June and July – following the success of that (you have to take our word for it, we accept), we have decided… Read more »

2018 World Cup kit-tracker – knockout stages

Previous entries: Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G, Group H Second round France 4 Argentina 3 Surprisingly, but refreshingly, both sides were… Read more »

Ten World Cup away kits which weren’t used

This article is a collaboration with the excellent RB Jerseys The 2018 World Cup ends today with 30 of the 32 teams having used both their first and second-choice shirts… Read more »