Fantasy Kit Friday, 2-6-17

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Like any master criminal, Matthew Lysaght lures you in with an initial charm.

Last August, when the Fantasy Kit Friday offering was a mix of the Denmark 1986 style and England, he asked for a Republic of Ireland variation.

Then, in October, he pushed the boat out further and asked for Ireland in the style of Norwich City, 1989-92:

He was emboldened by now, and we were powerless to say no.

A weeks later, we had this exchange:

As you can see, that was more than two months ago. Ostensibly, the reason for the wait was because the pattern took so long to draw, but really it took that long to find a bottle of whiskey strong enough to help forget the trauma of doing it.

This was the 1993-94 UEFA Cup tie in question, and Bayern had already kind of answered the question as to what the Norwich kit would look like in their design.

While they would experiment with the colour ratio of their kits in the 1990s, we doubt that they they’d ever have swapped adidas for Ribero, but then it is Fantasy Kit Friday, rather than Kits That Might Have Actually Happened Friday.


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