Fantasy Kit Friday, 9-6-17 – Hibernian, 1992

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Scottish side Hibernian had kits which were similar to those worn by Arsenal, though none using the exact same template as they were on a different two-year cycle.

The last of those kits – the unsponsored used when they won the league cup in 1991 – only lasted a season, as 1992-93 saw them wearing a new Bukta kit, with Macbean Protective Clothing coming in as sponsors.

With all due respect to Bukta, it’s quite the comedown and so the request we received just over a month ago was entirely logical:

Purple may seem like an odd choice, but their 70s away in that colour has a cult status, and it has been revisited a few times over the years, so it is a logical selection as a tertiary colour.


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