Midweek Mashup – Internazionale, 2016

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At first glance, you might be confused as to why this is even clashed as a mashup.

Cast your minds back just over a year though, to the launch of the Nike Vapor template. As well as most teams having sleeves in a darker colour to their torso, mismatching socks were something else Nike had sought to imposeBarcelona, Brazil and Poland being notable exceptions.

For Internazionale, yellow socks were to be their lot – however, as luck would have it, their first Serie A game of 2016-17 was away to Chievo Verona. As a result, they looked quite normal:


Inter are back in black socks for the coming season, but let’s be honest – the stripes look shit, don’t they?

1 comment on “Midweek Mashup – Internazionale, 2016

  1. Jon

    “stripes look shit” – couldn’t put it any better myself!

    It’s mad to think that Nike actually did do some decent shirts for Inter – like the 15/16 shirt with proper stripes…


    At least the foolish idea of mismatching socks has been, thankfully, consigned to the dustbin. I’d still like to meet the brainbox behind this ridiculous concept and give them a good kicking for their sins, even if they did make our arch enemy look a bugger with their mismatched red socks on the home kit! 😉


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