Fantasy Kit Friday, 22-12-17 – Cork City adidas 2018

A year ago, I literally showed my true colours by indulging in blatant favouritism with a Cork City Fantasy Kit Friday offering just before Christmas.

Still, given that the colours are so appropriate, it makes sense to have this as a Yuletide tradition, with apologies to Fluminense, Marítimo and Glentoran (though you should look at this site for a comprehensive review of the Glens’ kits).

From their formation in 1984 until 1997, City had adidas kits (see here for low-resolution kit history) and now, after a 20-year absence, have returned to the three stripes after winning the league title in Nike Vapor.

The new home shirt isn’t bad, but it’s hard to get very excited about it, so the mission was to come up with something a bit more bespoke. We cheated slightly in that designs for the 2018 World Cup were used, though in 1993-94, City – who were the first club in the world to have the adidas Equipment logo on a football kit – did use a template six months before a few countries did at USA 94.

For the home shirt, it made sense to go with Germany’s style, seeing as City had similar from 1989-91, though green is now the primary colour.  Perhaps the ‘ribbon’ would work better in all-white, but the lack of red trim on City home kits has been a bugbear of ours and this references the older shirt better.

The logo of main sponsors University College Cork is a bit too busy, but that’s out of our hands.


Red has often been the preferred change colour, but a nice white kit was used for 2017 and it is believed that the new away will be white too. To that end, we have gone for the new Spain design, which references that country’s 1994 kit.


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