Fantasy Kit Friday, 5-1-18 – Bayern Munich in Admiral

A happy new year to all of the site’s readers, and welcome to the first FKF of 2018.

If you have an interest in the German national team or Bayern Munich, Rick Joshua has two sites which will be of huge interest – Schwarz und Weiss and Fussball Chef – and Rick came up with today’s suggestion.

While it’s practically impossible to imagine Bayern in anything other than adidas but we’ve tried it before and Rick’s idea of Admiral is a worthy one.


It’s very similar to the 1975-78 Coventry City away kit, and we hope you’ll excuse the few anachronisms used to ‘Bayernify’ it – the club didn’t use a crest in a competitive game until the 1987 European Cup final, while blue didn’t feature heavily until the 1990s.

Still, quite pleasing to look at, in our view. Let us know your thoughts.

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