Fantasy Kit Friday, 2-2-18 – Basque Country and Catalonia

Something different today, requested by Marcos Marcelino dos Santos.

The question of Catalan independence is one which has received a lot of coverage of late and Marcos suggested a mid-90s adidas Catalonia ‘national’ team kit before going the whole hog and adding the Basque Country to the order too.

Catalonia’s colours are red and yellow – as often promoted by Barcelona – and Marcos’s idea was to base the home shirt on the Argentina kit used at the 1994 World Cup, modified to take in the estelada, the region’s flag.


The away bears a lot of similarities to the change kit worn by Spain in 1994, but again with modifications.


The Basque kits haven’t been as faithful to the ikurrina flag but still carry the same green, white and red – green is predominant, as it has been when Athletico Bilbao use the colours on their change strip.

The home takes its cues from the 1994 Romania kit…


…while the away is a reworking of Germany’s.


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  1. Jordi

    To be 100 correct catalan flag its without the star. Only those who want catalunya to be an independent country use the star


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