5 thoughts on “Midweek Mashup – Cardiff City, 2014

  1. A Welsh club in red shirts, white shorts and white socks playing in the Premier League?

    And then I woke up from my dream……….

    In all honesty it was disgusting what Vincent Tan did to the identity of Cardiff City at the time, totally disregarding history and tradition to try and make a few quid in the Chinese market.

      1. Indeed, though Swansea did bring out a purple and yellow away kit in what I regarded as one of the ugliest adidas templates of all time (with equally naff sponsor logo)


        But a full 41 years earlier their rivals had the same colour scheme as a rather superfluous away kit. The South Wales press quickly picked it up.


        Yep even back in the 1970’s clubs had away kits that offered no differentiation from the home kit. And from video footage I’ve seen elsewhere Cardiff did indeed have a third kit in 1972 which alleviated clashing issues with teams in blue. The colour? Red!

  2. Indeed, I forgot about that particular match, though I certainly didn’t forget the words I muttered at the TV when the game got underway. To the lines of “why the f*** are the Jacks wearing purple instead of white???” followed by a great degree of difficulty telling them apart from the Everton team. Little wonder they lost.

    To think they could have very easily sourced some black shorts from the adidas teamwear catalogue, or even used the (non-matching trim) black shorts issued with the black goalkeeper kit as they were the same design as the home, to alleviate the FA Cup rules on colour clashes. But in their infinite wisdom the kit man decided to do what I used to call “doing an Arsenal” (up until their trip to West Brom this season), and kit the team out in clashing purple, just because the shorts colours clashed. Yes, great move, purple is too similar to royal blue, just like orange is too similar to red.

    Mad to think that just a month later Swansea would turn up at Everton in the league in white-white-black, which was far more distinguishable.


    But anyway, back to Cardiff… they had an awful habit of wearing their “away kit” at home in 2013/14, didn’t they? 😉

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