2 thoughts on “Midweek Mashup – Scotland, 1978

  1. Cruel. Funny. But a fair point to end on. For Yours Bluely that Scotland kit is the laboratory test of how much our love of any kit is influenced by the achievements of those wearing it. Two of the greatest humiliations in our history – a combo I’d have back tomorrow (or four years ago …).

    That 2014 kit was bloody beautiful and, contrary to popular belief (in Scotland too), we did actually play some impressive football in it. But not enough to make its appeal about anything other than fashion aesthetics.

    Now I’m just trying to work out if the laboratory conditions have been contaminated by the fact (a) I’m Scottish, (b) 78 was my first World Cup and (c) 98 was my last.

    Yup – there’s definitely been a nostalgia outbreak here. The entire lab’s infected – the tests are compromised …that strip only looks good in my ginger head …

  2. (c) 98 was *our* last – I’ve been traitorously lapping them up for the last twenty years.

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