Fantasy Kit Friday – Manchester City late 80s/early 90s adidas

Of late, we’ve noted how some teams, like Bayern Munich, Germany, Real Madrid and Benfica are almost adidas ‘lifers’ and others, such as Paris St-Germain (kind of), Celtic, Inter Milan and Barcelona, are the exact opposite.

Another club that can be put in the latter bracket are Manchester City, which is perhaps why Jonny Thompson requested this, a look at how they might have appeared in three stripes as the 1980s turned to the 90s.

For the home, we’ve gone for the style Colombia had at the 1990 World Cup.


And then, in keeping with how adidas jazzed things up for the Arsenal and Manchester United away kits at the time (Liverpool, to be fair, had busy home and away kits), we’ve utilised the Netherlands 1988 design for the away, in the classic City maroon.


As always, opinions welcome @museumofjerseys. If there’s enough of a clamour, we might even manage a third kit later on today.

Edit: Well, the people spoke (with a very unsubtle prod from us) and we reworked the France 1990-92 style for the third:



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