Fantasy Kit Friday – Netherlands in Umbro, 1990

  • Today’s request comes from Kieran Casey of Sartorial Soccer, a lovely repository of articles on kits and well worth checking out

When you’re asked, “Can you show the world my dream?”, you’ll do everything in your power to do so.

It’s one of those requests where you kick yourself for not having thought of it earlier.

Obviously, England had it and the fact that a green version was rustled up at short notice for Cameroon would indicate that it was available as teamwear, but this wasn’t a design which was seen on too many other teams.

It’s a pity as, while it’s distinctive, it’s also very transferrable to other colourways. As the Netherlands only had two colours on their 1990 World Cup kits, we have tried to stick to that, rendering the logos on the shirt in black for legibility, which kind of makes it a spiritual successor to the 1988 strip.


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