Fantasy Kit Friday – Rangers still in Nike, 2002-03

In the wake of the Celtic adidas FKF a couple of months ago, we had a request to look at the other side of the great Glasgow rivalry.

The Gers had had Nike from 1997-2002 before deciding to produce their kits themselves – see this excellent article by Jay Mansfield – who helped with coming up with the fantasy kits below – for the whole story behind that (click on image to visit the page):

As Jay points out, the real-life 2003-05 Rangers home took inspiration, shall we say, from the Nike 2002 designs, so that’s why this strip may look familiar – we tried coloured red and white panels but they were just a bit too garish (see Croatia’s 2002 kits for an idea of what we mean).

Rangers’ away was, infamously, orange that season (as their third is in the current campaign). The loud Nike design used by Arsenal, Inter and Leeds fits the bit perfectly.

The third was white with blue and red trim and works well, we feel, with the Brazil style from 2002.

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