Fantasy Kit Friday – AC Milan in adidas, 1995-96

Today’s request comes from Riccardo Giannini, who saw the West Ham adidas kits here and asked for AC Milan to be given a 1995-96 three-stripe makover.

This was four years before the club rejoin forces with the German firm, a partnership which would last 19 years until last summer, when Milan signed a deal with Puma.

The previous adidas-Milan link-ups had been in the late 1970s and again from 1990-93, but each time the branding had been subtle or non-existent – the three-stripe motif didn’t feature and the designs weren’t identifiable as adidas. It may well have been a situation that the deal amounted to little more than advertising on adidas’s part, with no input into how the kit looked.

We’ve taken the principles of the 1999-2018 deal and used adidas’s contemporary offerings as the basis for this. Back in the summer of 1995, the company were making use of grandad collars, as on the kits of Newcastle United, Liverpool away and Cork City and so it makes sense to include it here, in the Newcastle home-kit style.

A red neck is used so as to differentiate from the Bohemians kit of the following season. While we don’t like black shorts as the Milan home default, they are quite a common sight as a back-up and so are shown here too.

For the away, things are kept simple, using the three stripes in the style that was fashionable in the mid-1990s, travelling around the lower sleeve.

Milan didn’t have to wear their third kit in 1995-96 – the real strip only saw action against Arsenal in the previous season’s Super Cup – but it was available.

While you may wonder at first glance if we’ve messed up a drawing of the 1991 adidas stripes, this design was popular on training wear in 1995-96 and Belgium’s Club Brugge utilised it for their away kit.

As well as the yellow, Milan also had a superfluous blue fourth strip that season – though it wasn’t worn competitively.

That featured a diamond theme as it riffed on Lotto’s logo, so we have used the adidas look favoured by Spain, France, Norway (away) and others.

And just to top things off, as requested by Riccardo, three goalkeeper kits in the most common colourways for this design.

4 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – AC Milan in adidas, 1995-96

  1. Jimakos

    Well, Denis, I was wandering the other day how this adidas goalie template looks like the one Boro had in mid 90’s

    Boro had Errea back then, but is it just me or the goalie kits are quite similar? I couldn’t find another example of that Errea version, although….

  2. Riccardo Giannini

    Thank you so much, I’m very excited about this post! My favorite shirts are the first and fourth, beautiful!

  3. GavMcEl

    Can i make a request … newcastle had umbro up in till 93 then had ascis for 2 years until adidas took over any chance seeing what it might of looked like if Newcastle had of kept umbro for 93/95 ??


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