Fantasy Kit Friday double-bill – Leeds and Dublin

Two requests on the block today, including a first FKF to focus on Gaelic games.

First up, Stephen Deacon’s suggestion to do a Leeds version of Fiorentina’s 1990s Fila style. The Italian firm was making its first inroads into football – they would later take on West Ham United and Scotland – and the ‘a’ from their logo formed a central part of their designs for la viola.

On the home strip, it ran vertically down the arms and the left leg of the shorts.

Then, on the away it was presented in horizontal fashion, again only on the left leg of the shorts.

As well as the usual association football offering, we have a Gaelic games one from Ireland.

On Thursday, we looked at Sligo’s new kits as they returned to white from black, and the fact that their jersey is unique among O’Neills’ output this year prompted a request from David Sheehan, who’s not a fan of Dublin’s new strip.

Views and requests for future FKFs are welcome, as ever, on Twitter @museumofjerseys.

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