Fantasy Kit Friday – Olympique Marseille x Jordan

On a recent episode of the excellent Kitbliss podcast, Jay from Design Football made an interesting point regarding Paris St-Germain’s Champions League kits, which feature the Jordan logo.

Given the rivalry between PSG and Olympique Marseille, he wondered if sales of other Jordan products might suffer in Marseille. As a fan of both OM and Jordan (and not a fan of Marseille’s Puma kits) he came up with the ideal solution – make OM versions of the PSG Jordan kits.

While Puma have given Marseille blue sleeves and socks this season, we have gone back to the traditional look for the home:

For the away, perhaps a bit boringly, we have gone for a reversed shirt, though it keeps in with what PSG and Jordan have done and it’s what Marseille had in the early 1990s, when they won the Champions League. Back then, they wore white shorts with their change kit, so we have stuck with that principle, even if it probably wouldn’t happen today.

Jay’s favourite OM kit is the 2007-08 adidas third. You can hear him speak to its designer Jason Lee on this Design Football podcast, while we featured it in a previous Midweek Mashup article:

Therefore, it made sense to call upon those colours again for the Jordan third:

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  1. Riccardo Giannini

    The second kit is beautiful. As the third kit of Marseille I have always preferred the dark blue one with blue and white inserts (as in the late 90s).


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